Coagulation Serine Protease Mutation Database

Welcome to the Vitamin-K dependant Serine Protease Mutation Database

This web database collates information on coagulation point mutations together with structural analysis of the domain structures within coagulation proteases. At the moment, the database holds mutations within the five vitamin-K dependant proteases, Thrombin (also known as Factor II), Factor VII (FVII), Factor IX (FIX), Factor X (FX) and Protein C. It is hoped this mutation database will be kept up to date, as text mining methods have been implemented to automatically extract mutation data from published articles. The mutation database will be updated using new PubMed articles on a monthly basis.

Please browse the site using the menu on the left hand side, or alternatively use the quick links below to search for mutations, or analyse residue substitutions

WARNING: This website is currently inactive for reason of a hard disk crash. We are working to re-enable the functionalities, part of which is now in our new web site (May 2013). Kindly bear with us and our apologies for any inconvenience.

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